Driftwood from the ocean. Boards, planks, poles or dunnage bars. Travelled across the oceans. Carried by currents, wind and waves. Bleached by the sun and the salty sea. Polished in the surf by sand, stones and rocks. Stranded at some coast.
Found at a beach. Photographed where found, date of the discovery noted. Cleaned, dried. Each piece of wood is unique. Formed by the ocean. They travelled far and can tell about faraway coasts, grand harbors, tempests and the wide seas.
The photograph of the discovery site and the date of discovery are documented in the logbook that accompanies each Magnetic Driftwood Board.
Marked with the geographic coordinates of each discovery site. The exact latitude and longitude – burnt into the wood with a branding iron.
Geographical coordinates describe the location of a certain point on earth. The earth is divided in 360 lines of longitude and 180 lines of latitude. Longitudes run through north and south pole, latitudes run parallel to the equator.

Equipped with magnets. The powerful magnets are sunken into boreholes. Keys, knives, tools and other metallic items will stick to the wood. Magnetic Driftwood boards can be used for keys, knives, photos or pictures.

When the Magnetic driftwood boards are mounted to the wall, the magnets will be invisible. Each piece comes with mounting supplies.