Pressed honey . In this traditional way of harvesting honey the honey is gently pressed out of the honeycombs. Although this is more complex but also more gentle than the usual spinning. Pressed honey has a very intense aroma and contains a lot of flower pollen.
From the city . Our bees benefit from the variety of flowers in Flensburg’s urban area. From the numerous sources of nectar a spicy, delicately fragrant honey is created. Each year the honey is unique in aroma, color and consistency: the flavours of a Flensburg summer.
Raw honey . For a pure natural taste, our honey is only sifted after pressing and then bottled immediately. Raw honey changes its structure over time. Through the natural process of crystallization the consistency changes – the honey matures.
Natural . As beekeepers we are guided by the natural needs of the bees. Our bees live in wooden hives, build their own honeycombs and are disrupted as little as possible in their natural cycle of the year.