also cuts a good figure as advent calendar.

How does Josef help me saving money?

With Josef you can celebrate Christmas for many years. A traditional Christmas tree is disposed every year after the holidays. With Josef, over the years, you will be saving money.

How does Josef help out the environment?

Traditional Christmas trees often come from monocultures using high amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. They may be transported over long distances. Since Josef celebrates Christmas with you for many years, the average amount of resources used per year in regards to material, production and transportation is very small. Additionally wood and cord can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

How do you mount Josef?

Josef wants to hang from a hook. The set contains a white ceiling hook and a dowel to accommodate different ceiling materials like concrete, aerated concrete, brick or drywall. When being attached to wood, you can work without the dowels.

Do I need to hire an expert to mount Josef?

Basic handyman skills will do to screw the hook into the ceiling. If you are unsure whether the hook is securely attached to the ceiling and will hold Josef’s weight including all the decoration, you should consult an expert.

What is the maximum ceiling height?

The mounting rope can be used for a ceiling height of up to 3.2 m. In case that will not be sufficient, please notify us beforehand and we will supply you with a longer rope instead. 

Which tea lights do I need?

The tea lights need to be of a diameter of 6 cm and should not exceed 3 cm in height. These are often sold under the name “maxi tea lights” or “jumbo tea lights”.

Which LED tea lights do I need?

The LED tea lights need to be of a diameter of 6 cm. We recommend to get tea lights with rechargeable batteries to cut down on battery waste.

Where do I get matching tea lights/ LED tea lights?

You should be able to find tea lights and LED tea lights in furniture stores, home improvement stores, department stores or electronics stores.

Does Josef ever rock or sway?

Josef is mounted on a hook – he therefore is technically able to rock back and forth to a certain degree. This should pose no problem, and thanks to his conical shape, he is hanging very securely. If decoration is placed on top of the rings, you should avoid pushing against Josef though to make sure nothing falls off.

Is it safe to illuminate Josef with regular tea lights?

Candlelight is an open flame and must be handled with the appropriate caution. Just like a traditional Christmas tree, Josef needs to be constantly monitored when his tea lights are lit.

How do I store Josef after Christmas?

Josef is shipped in a sturdy, very shallow box which can be used as storage afterwards.